replica Submariner16610

Replica Rolex Classic Vintage Watch

Rolex company has produced many classic watch series so far, each model is the result of the tireless efforts of designers. With the continuous change of the times, the design style of watches is more and more suitable for modern people’s aesthetics. But there are also purists who have always maintained a passion for traditional watches. Below we look at several classic Replica Rolex vintage watches.

replica Submariner16610

Rolex Submariner

Since its launch, the Replica Submariner series has been one of the most popular watches. Model 16610 is the most classic version of Submariner, with a 40mm stainless steel case. Use the classic black dial and wear it on your wrist to show the charm of men. At three o’clock on the dial, there is a date display window equipped with a Cyclops magnifying glass, making it clear and easy to read at a glance. The most important thing is that it has a water resistance of 300m, which is a good choice for swimming and diving enthusiasts.

Rolex GMT Master16710

Rolex GMT Master

GMT Master is one of the lowest-priced watches in the vintage sports watches replica collection. Model 16710 has a 40mm stainless steel case and an oyster stainless steel bracelet. The bezel is made of aluminum. The bezel is made up of two shades of red and black. The Replica GMT Master16710 is a delicate and beautiful watch with a timeless classic design.

Replica Explorer14270

Rolex Explorer

Replica RolexExplorer is a watch that can be used in almost any environment. The model 14270’s stainless steel case has a diameter of 36mm. The black dial with shiny hands and hour hand makes it easy to read even in the dark. The most impressive is the automatic caliber with a caliber of 3,000 calibers, which has high accuracy and reliability and is the most ideal multifunctional watch replica on your adventure.

All in all, the above models are more classic retro watches, and the price is relatively cheap. If you have a watch you like, you can buy it in our store.

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